On Tuesday 14 May 2013, ACR+ EPR Club in collaboration with SITA organised a seminar on the EPR Schemes in Poland.Two expert speakers were invited to discuss the situation of the country where important changes in the legislation are currently being introduced.

Jean-Michel Kaleta first gave a broad picture of the specificities of the waste management system in Poland and, more specifically, the issues raised by the necessity of meeting EU targets and deadlines. He then focused on EPR schemes, which happen to be quite poor and with a real level of recovery and recycling much lower than the reported official data. Three main issues were discussed: the transparency and control, the financial sustainability of the model and finally the waste “ownership” issue.

One of the main changes in the Polish law is the introduction of municipalities as a player in the waste management system. This is why the second speaker, Piotr Szewczyk, presented to the audience the position of Polish municipalities in the new Waste Management System. He illustrated his point with the example of the Municipal and Solid Waste Treatment and Neutralization Plant “Orli Staw”. In this case, the questions of financing the system costs and efficient selective collection were successfully dealt with. The presentations were followed by a fruitful discussion among the different stakeholders present.

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