The next ACR+ monthly webinar will take place on 30 January at 10:00 (Brussels time) on and it will focus on biofuels from used cocking oils (UCO).

The European Union aims to achieve the goal of a 10% share of renewables in the transport sector by 2020. The valorisation of used cooking oils as biofuels therefore plays a key role in achieving this target, as well as in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from petroleum-based fuels. However, less than 40% of UCO are currently collected.

This webinar will present the EU-funded project BIOHEC-LIFE to discuss the case of biofuels as a food waste management solution, as well as the related challenges. BIOHEC-LIFE aims at exploiting used cooking oils (UCO) for the production of environmentally-friendly biofuel while promoting the social economy sector.

The draft programme includes a presentation by Gecco, French solidarity-based company collecting used oils from the catering industry, and a presentation by the Municipality of Lille. The agenda is available on the event webpage.

To register, please click here.

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