Since its creation ACR+ has been cooperating and supporting other networks and platforms, in order to join forces and achieve resource efficiency.

European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA)

ALDA - the European Association for Local Democracy is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level.

ALDA focuses on activities that facilitate the cooperation between local authorities and civil society. Established at the initiative of the Council of Europe's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, since 1999 ALDA operates in the European Union and in its Neighbourhood.


 Climate Chance  

Climate Chance coalition on circular economy

Together with the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and the French OREE association, ACR+ is a co-pilot of the Climate Chance coalition on circular economy, an international coalition of non-state actors on the circular economy. It aims at defining common priorities of action in terms of co-working and governance, implementation and monitoring of concrete actions to boost circular economy.

A roadmap of actions in the field of circular economy for the upcoming years has already been published. It identifies 4 main priority fields: awareness raising, exchange of best practices and capacity building, policy recommendations and methodology and evaluation.

The Climate Chance initiative was launched by ACR+ member Nantes Métropole in order to involve no-state actors in climate negotiations and international action on climate change.


Covenant Mayors

Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy

ACR+is a supporter of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy since February 2016.

This European movement brings together thousands of local and regional authorities in the fight against climate change. It is based on a voluntary commitment by signatories to implement EU climate and energy objectives on their territory. New signatories now pledge to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 and to adopt an integrated approach to tackling mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Signatories endorse a shared vision for 2050: accelerating the decarbonisation of their territories, strengthening their capacity to adapt to unavoidable climate change impact, and allowing their citizens to access secure, sustainable and affordable energy.



International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

ACR+ is a silver member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).

ISWA is a global, independent and non-profit making association, working in the public interest and is the only worldwide association promoting sustainable, comprehensive and professional waste management.




MedCities is a network of Mediterranean cities created in Barcelona in November 1991 at the initiative of the Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Programme (METAP).

The creation of MedCities was a consequence of METAP's objective of strengthening decentralised actions involving technical assistance as the best means of promoting awareness of urban environmental problems and making those actions into a vehicle for empowering municipalities in developing countries in respect of management of urban environmental issues. MedCities continues offering this support. Since then, MedCities has extended its activities from the initial local environment to the wider local sustainable development field.

Being a network of Mediterranean towns and cities belonging to different countries, its purpose is urban sustainable development as a way to improve living conditions in the Mediterranean region.