The SWIM and H2020 Support Mechanism projects consists of two components, one on sustainable water management (SWIM Supporting Mechanism) and one on sustainable waste management (H2020 Supporting Mechanism), while ACR+ is involved in the latter. The concept of the SWIM-H2020 SM regional project is based upon a combination of awareness raising, policy advice, technical advice and capacity building.

Project co-financed by EuropAid.


State of art

  • 25-27 September 2017, Brussels: Study visit for participants from all beneficiary countries on construction & demolition waste management


The key objective of the project is to contribute to reduced marine pollution and a more sustainable use of scarce water resources by providing tailored and targeted support to stakeholders of the Beneficiary Countries (BCs) within each of the six results areas.  As such, the project aims to be a resource for BCs, to feed into their own work towards each of these end results, where relevant.

The approach to delivery of the SWIM-H2020 SM project will be guided by three core elements:

  • To operate as a regional programme that diligently applies the mandate of the UfM Ministerial Meetings and focuses on hands-on, experience based joint activities and sharing/ exchanging of ideas, approaches and results;
  • To be genuinely demand-led, responding to the needs of BC stakeholders, as identified through consultations and ongoing dialogue;
  • And to construct activities that lead to identifiable and concrete results for the BCs and the region as a whole.


The project will address the following themes: Policy and regulatory frameworks, facilitating sustainable investments, environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments, hazardous waste, municipal waste, marine litter, urban waste water, industrial emissions, environmental mainstreaming in sector policies. National-level support will target priority areas identified in the updated National Action Plan.

  • Algeria: Marine litter (Marine and coastal litter particularly characterization and development of a national management plan for coastal waste and marine litter)
  • Egypt: Municipal Solid Waste (Support to the newly established National Solid Waste Management Agency and to facilitate its first steps, particularly implementation of WM plan, adapting a “Decentralized system” and community participation)
  • Israel: Solid Waste Management (Plastic waste management and recycling, glass waste management and recycling, and Construction & Demolition waste management and recycling)
  • Jordan: Green Economy (Sustainable Consumption & Production, Green Economy)
  • Morocco: Marine litter reduction in 2 regions, and development of integrated management plan on marine litter for the coastal areas of two regions)
  • Tunisia: Solid Waste Management (Capacity building for recovery and recycling of a variety of wastes with focus on rural areas) and Green Economy and Sustainable Consumption & Production\



The SWIM and H2020 Support Mechanism projects' leader is LDK Consultants Engineers & planners S.A.

The project brings together partners from 8 countries:
• ACR+
• LDK Consultants Engineers & planners S.A.
• Arab Countries Utilities Association (ACWUA)
• Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED)
• Catalan Waste Agency (hosting institution of Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC)*
• Royal Haskoning DHV Nederland B.V.
• LDK Consultants Europe S.A.
• Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSD)
• Mileu Ltd.
• National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
• Umweltbundesamt GmBH.
• WS Atkins International Ltd.

* ACR+ member