FISSAC Webinar – Industrial Symbiosis Tools and Best Practices

From 23 February 2017 11:30 until 23 February 2017 13:00
At Webinar
Posted by Clémence Pricken (ACR+)



The FISSAC project hosted its first Webinar focusing on industrial symbiosis tools and best practices, including an introduction to the FISSAC tool that is currently being developed. Participation in the webinar was high, with over 50 attendees and the discussion was active. The presentation and a video of the webinar is available.



  1. Introduction to Industrial Symbiosis (ACCIONA and SIMBIOSY)
  2. Best practices – Industrial Symbiosis tools (OVAM; Geonardo; HIFAB)
  3. Introduction to the FISSAC tool (EKODENGE and D’Appolonia)
  4. Social Acceptance and Engagement (ACR+)


Webinar presentations

  1. The FISSAC project – Blanca Juez Sánchez (ACCIONA)
  2. Introduction to Industrial Symbiosis – Verónica Kuchinow (SIMBIOSY)
  3. Best practices – Industrial Symbiosis tools: Symbiosis tool in the Flanders region – Philippe van de Velde (OVAM); The state of IS in Hungary: promising potentials on a fragmented market – Istvan Pari (Geonardo) (coming soon); Building trust and capacity – fundamentals for IS development – Stina Rydberg  (HIFAB) and ‘Referential ELIPSE’ – Pauline Lavoisy (Orée)
  4. The FISSAC ICT Platform – Emre Yöntem (Ekodenge) & Antonio Deferrari (D’Appolonia)
  5. Social Acceptance and Engagement in FISSAC – Marion Courtois (ACR+)
  6. Industrial Symbiosis: Key Social Aspects – Teresa Domenech (University College London)

For those who registered, the video is available through your attendance link. Alternatively, access to the webinar video is available through this video registration link. Please register your name and email. An automated email will be sent with your access link. It is still possible to register for the video, even if you did not originally register for the webinar.

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