"Plan C", a Flemish Transition Network for a Sustainable Materials Management, presented by Walter Tempst, OVAM

From 29 March 2012 13:00 until 29 March 2012 14:00

This webinar focused on the “Plan C” developed by ACR+ member OVAM, the Flemish Public Waste Agency, and was presented by Mr. Walter Tempst, Innovation Manager at OVAM.

OVAM started "Plan C" in 2006, a transitional network that brings together individuals and organisations (from the public sector, the business world, academia and NGOs) to jointly create breakthroughs in sustainable resource management. The methodology of Plan C to guide experiments from initial idea to proof of concept and eventual to transition in materials management has been developed in a learning-by-doing approach, and its objective is to envision societal change with a focus on sustainable material management. Some examples of experiments are situated in the field of product-service systems, chemical leasing, landfill-mining, closed loops of materials, product design, local production and consumption, etc. 

You can download Walter Tempst's presentation here (exclusively available for ACR+ members).

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