IMPACTPapeReC Conference

IMPACTPapeReC Conference

From 24 January 2017 09:00 until 24 January 2017 17:40 Save to calendar

At Museo y Centro Estudios del Deporte Doctor Melcior Colet Carrer de Buenos Aires, 56, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

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The successful Horizon 2020 IMPACTPapeRec Project Conference united more than 50 professionals from across Europe and debated the ways to increase separate paper collection in the EU, a key element in Europe’s transition towards a Circular Economy. The event took place in Barcelona (Spain) on 24 January.

The mapping, presented at the conference, revealed major differences in challenges between countries with a well-established recycling system and those where such a system is still being implemented. In addition, citizen awareness and motivation was a recurring topic throughout the event.

In order to enhance the discussion, key experts spoke about the importance of quality of Paper for Recycling, efficiency of payment systems and incentives to encourage recycling, as well as the sensitive issue of informal paper collection outside officially-established waste management systems.

In addition, the partners presented some of the identified best practices, which will undergo a deeper analysis throughout the months to come. Participants also participated in a world-café format informative meeting, sharing their views on critical issues such as standardisation and policymaking developments.

More information on IMPACTPapeRec website. We also invite you you to check out the programme of the conference.

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