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LG Action

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The Project LG Action "Networking action to involve Local Governments in the EU and international energy and climate debate"was an important local government (LG) networking action aimed at presenting LG positions relevant to climate and energy to a range of actors: local government associations and networks, national governments, the European Commission and feeding into the post-2012 climate negotiations.

LG Action was co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.


The project

 LG Action provided information, mobilised and supported the positioning of local governments, and call for greater recognition of their essential role in climate protection and sustainable  energy roll-out. 

The benefits in linking to LG Action:

  • A common European LG voice in the European and international energy and climate debate.
  • An opportunity to share your needs and views on local climate and energy action.
  • A chance to improve local-national dialogues.
  • Moving forward together towards European sustainable energy action


ACR+ highlighted the impact of waste management on climate change and facilitated the dialogue between local and national agencies and authorities - focusing on energy-related issues.


Partners involved

  • ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability (coordinator)
  • Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management (ACR+)
  • Italian Local Agenda 21 Association (CA21L)
  • Local Government Denmark (LGDK)
  • Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)

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