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Paris | Adoption of the first plan dedicated to the circular economy

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ACR+ member Paris has adopted a plan for circular economy for 2017-2020, which has been elaborated based on 65 proposals made after a General Assembly on circular economy and included in a White paper on the circular economy of Greater Paris. These initiatives were thought as unifying work strategies in connection with metropolitan planning.

This multiannual plan contains two parts: the first part is about strategic orientations while the second part sets up a road map of 15 concrete actions. These actions relate to the structural themes for the City of Paris, such as: planning and construction, waste reduction, reuse, repair, supporting local players, public procurement, and responsible consumption. These actions will be implemented following three territorial levels: the administrative level for the action implemented on the territory of the municipality administrations, the area under the political and public power of Paris municipality, and the enlarged geographical area of intervention of the Metropole of Greater Paris.

The plan can be consulted online (in French).

Source: (in French)