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Contarina | 16 municipalities awarded as Recycling Municipalities

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16 municipalities served by ACR+ member Contarina have been recognised as a "Comuni Ricicloni" that is a municipality or an administration which has obtained really good results in waste management. To be certified as "Riciclone", a municipality has not only to reach over 65% of selective collection but also to keep the production of non recyclable waste under 75kg by inhabitant by year.

The results of the 2017 "Comuni Ricicloni" awards are gathered in a report reflecting on the best waste management systems and the benefits of separate collection. The municipalities certified as “Ricicloni” in 2017 have largely introduced a pricing system based on the amount of waste produced: within best practices in the report, there are 247 municipalities that opted for PAYT schemes, testifying how the reduction policies get better results when associated with incentive systems.

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