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SUEZ | Make it, take it – rethinking producer responsibility


ACR+ member SUEZ is organising a free webinar entitled “Make it, take it – rethinking producer responsibility” on Wednesday 06 September 2017, from 14:00 to 15:00.

This webinar will focus on extended producer responsibility (EPR) in the UK, where it is applied to waste packaging, discarded electrical and electronic goods, discarded batteries and end-of-life vehicles. Recently EPR was central to a debate on whether the UK should introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles.

In this webinar Lee Marshall, Chief Executive Office at LARAC and Gev Eduljee, External Affairs Director at SUEZ, will discuss the following themes:

  • Has EPR been an effective driver for better product design and reduced environmental impact from discards? What supporting policy measures should be introduced?
  • Is the present Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) scheme working optimally, and can it support higher recycling performance? If not, how should it be reformed?
  • How should EPR revenues be distributed? Are local authorities getting an equitable share of PRN revenues to properly fund waste collections?
  • What are the pros and cons of introducing a deposit return scheme for bottles? What international experience can we draw on?
  • Can EPR schemes work alongside kerbside collection of recyclables? What are the benefits and drawbacks?
  • Should EPR be extended to other consumer products?

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