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Zero Waste Scotland | Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland

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On 5 September 2017, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has announced that Scotland will introduce a deposit return system for single use drinks containers.

ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland will coordinate work to design the system, working with stakeholders and continuing to build the evidence base.

The measure is aimed at increasing recycling and tackling litter, and was announced alongside the establishment of an expert panel to consider fiscal and other measures, for example a levy on single use cups.

The Scottish government has been consulting Zero Waste Scotland on the design of the deposit return scheme. In a study published in June 2017, the organisation estimates that deposit return system could save local authorities between 3 million pounds and 6 million pounds on litter clearance alone. An opinion poll revealed that 78% of the Scottish public are in favour of the scheme.

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