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The Eastern-Midlands Waste Region | New national campaign “The Conscious Cup”

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ACR+ member the The Eastern-Midlands Waste Region (EMRW) is working on a new national initiative “The Conscious Cup Campaign”.
The Conscious Cup Campaign is an initiative that aims to reduce the use of disposable cups. As has been proven successful in the past, a disincentive, such as a tax is seen to be one of the best ways to enact behavioural change. When it comes to disposal cups the EMRW currently does not have this option, so the next best thing it to provide an incentive. The Conscious Cup Campaign had seen that there are a number of cafes around the country who want to see this move away from disposable, and so the initiative offer incentives to customers for bringing their own cups. This incentive is being offered as a monetary reduction or in the form of a reward such as extra loyalty stamp or a free treat.
The initiative offers the customer the possibility to make the conscious decision to visit a campaign supporter to purchase their coffee without feeling guilty for using a disposable cup.

The social media is used to raise awareness and educate on the benefits of making the switch to reusable cup through interesting facts, images, articles and blogs. To follow the campaign, please visit its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.