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Ayuntamiento de Madrid | New measures for waste management



Two important measures for waste management have been announced by ACR+ member the municipality of Madrid.

The first measure implies the separation of the organic fraction of waste in order to generate composting starting from 2017. The decision is prospected to increase recycling rates, since this fraction represented 42% of the bag type.

The second measure consists in the introduction of a system to return beverage containers in exchange of incentives in the so-called “zonas de botellón” (public areas where people meet and socialize while drinking). It is a first step towards the implementation of a refundable deposit on the sale of the beverage containers. These containers being used mainly outside of home and amounting to nearly 70% of the waste littered. This measure should reduce the abandonment of packaging waste, increase recycling rates and revalue materials.

These two measures aims at gaining the support of citizens and are the first steps in changing the  current trend of the city where most of the waste going to landfill or incineration and only 30% is recycled.

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