newsletter INTHERWASTE logoAn extensive and essential stage of the INTHERWASTE project ended with the 4th and last Thematic Seminar focusing on waste minimisation in UNESCO heritage areas, held in Cordoba, Spain, and hosted by ACR+ member SADECO.
The four Thematic Seminars provided a unique mutual learning opportunity for the five pilot cities ahead of the bilateral and implementation phase which will unwind soon. All thematic seminars were enriched by external speakers diversifying the examples of good practices.
The last seminar on waste minimisation looked at different ways of ensuring and reinforcing waste prevention, as a key approach when it comes to sustainable waste management. The examples and good practices were diverse and therefore clustered into 5 thematic groups, namely economic instruments, reuse activities, composting, campaigns and cooperation with multi-stakeholder approach to combating food waste.
More information about the presented practices can be found here.

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Two new factsheets have been published on the Circular Europe Network’s database by ACR+, overviewing good practices implemented by London (UK) and Milan (Italy).
The Greater London Authority (the Mayor of London’s administration) and the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) cooperated to develop and implement a route map for the city’s transition towards a circular economy, focusing especially on 5 areas: built environment, food, textiles, electricals and plastics. LWARB works with stakeholders across London to deliver the action plan contained within the route map. This work includes programmes to create the right conditions for the circular economy through collaboration, policy, finance, business support and promoting circular actions and models.
The Milan Food Policy was elaborated through the interaction of citizens, local authorities and stakeholders, and brought several initiatives and projects related to the topic of food. The municipality proves to be innovative, since it keeps updating, developing and working on the strategy by involving and engaging more cities through the promotion of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact in order to generate international commitment on the topic of sustainable food.
Visit the website of the Circular Europe Network to discover more circular economy cases.

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Over the first months of the project, COLLECTORS focused on defining a key parameter set for waste collection systems which would be suitable for describing and assessing key elements of waste collection systems, identifying local and regional practices which have the potential to serve as good practice examples and preparing an inventory of waste collection systems to support decision-makers in shifting to better-performing collection system. As a result, a report on “Specification and validation of key parameters for collection systemswas published.
Additionally, project partners gathered for a three-day event, hosted by ACR+ member Contarina in Treviso, Italy. During the meeting a number of external experts were consulted on topics related to good practices in waste collection for paper and packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, and construction and demolition waste. All presentations delivered during the conference can be found here.
To find out more about the first steps of the COLLECTORS project, read the full newsletter here. If you wish to be informed of the project’s upcoming news, make sure to subscribe.

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Between 31 May and 1 June 2018 the BLUEISLANDS project partners gathered in a meeting hosted by the Council of Mallorca. All project partners had the opportunity to present their latest activities and share the next steps to be carried out. Visits of the waste management and incineration plants of Mallorca were also organised to better understand the solutions chosen to deal with the waste produced in Mallorca and other Balearic islands.  

Project partners discussed the methodology to be applied for the waste characterization study that will take place between June and November 2018 in 9 Mediterranean islands, to determine the extent of seasonality in municipal solid waste generation as an effect of tourism.

Over the past several months BLUEISLANDS project organised a successful international conference on sustainable tourism held at the European Parliament. The highlight of the conference was the signing ceremony of the Charter of Commitments for sustainable material resource management and circular economy. Additionally, four free capacity building webinars were held. The recordings of which are available here.

The third BLUEISLANDS newsletter will be published in the coming weeks featuring the latest research results. If you wish to receive it, subscribe here.

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On 28 May 2018, ACR+ held its annual General Assembly in Porto, kindly hosted by LIPOR. We thank all the members who join us for this event and actively participated in the discussions and activities organised. It was a pleasure to welcome you there!
A key moment of the General Assembly was the renewal of ACR+ Board of Directors. The cities of Paris, Genoa, Odense, Porto Metropolitan area (LIPOR), North London (NLWA), as well as the Eastern-Midlands Region (EMWR), Brussels region, Catalonia (ARC), Zero Waste Scotland and WasteServ Malta were elected as members of ACR+ Board of Directors for a period of two years. The first decision of this newly elected Board of Directors was to nominate Iain Gulland, representing Zero Waste Scotland, at its head.

Two Vice-Presidents were also elected: Fernando Leite, CEO of LIPOR, and Josep Maria Tost i Borràs, Director of the Catalan Waste Agency and former ACR+ President. Together with ACR+ Secretariat, the mission of the trio will be to accompany ACR+ members in their transitions to circular economy, guaranteeing that the needs of the different types of members are addressed. Indeed, the network gathers members with different realities: from North to South, from densely populated to more rural areas, from front runners to cities starting their transition.

What’s new in the network

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