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More good practices for less waste: the Pre-waste project starts now

Pre-waste kick-off - 28th and 29th April in Ancona.

The European Pre-waste project on exchanging good practices about waste prevention had its kick-off meeting on 28th and 29th April in Ancona, Italy.

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ACR+ and RREUSE publish common position on WEEE

Press Release 22/02/2010

ACR+ and RREUSE call upon MEPs to consider a number of key issues in the framework of the recast of the WEEE directive

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ACR+ is inviting you to its 1st Technical Working Group on the 1st February 2010, in Brussels.

Following the launch of the ACR+ European Decentralised Observatory of Municipal Waste Recycling Performances in September 2010 in Paris , we would like to invite you to the 1st Working Group meeting (which used to be 21th December) on Tuesday 1st February 2011 (11h00-17h00), ACR+ Secretariat, 63 Avenue d'Auderghem, 1040, Brussels

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European Week for Waste Reduction 2009

A successful first edition!

More than 2,670 actions highlighting waste reduction took place between 21st & 29th November 2009, in more than 14 European countries.

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Biggest city delegation ever at COP 15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen

Press release 05/12/2009

The LG Action project, in which ACR+ is a partner, helped to gather input from local governments in terms of energy and climate action.

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Quantitative Benchmarks for Municipal Waste Prevention

New publication

A Guide for Local and Regional Authorities in support of the new Framework Directive

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Energy and climate issues: share the needs and perceptions of your community!

Call for input

The LG Action project partners invite local governments to share their views on local challenges related to energy and climate change.

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ACR+ launches new book "Municipal Waste in Europe - Towards a European recycling society"

Press Release 15/09/2009

After several years of studies and data gathering, ACR+ is publishing an analysis of European waste prevention and recycling issues.

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ACR+ urges European Commission to focus on bio-waste prevention and recycling

Press Release 30/03/2009

ACR+ submits its comments on the Green Paper on the management of bio-waste issued by the European Commission.

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Archived News - Year 2008


In the framework of the 2008 pilot edition of the European Waste Reduction Week, ACR+ is pleased to publish the first edition of its

Campaign Handbook for the Reduction of Municipal Waste

(in English and in French)

This Handbook aims at helping local and regional authorities with the strategic and practical choices they need to make when they embark in waste reduction actions.

Take a look at the press release:English- Français
Download / order the Handbook:ACR+ Publications

PRESS RELEASE (21 Nov 2008) -European Cities and Regions join forces on Waste Reduction

22 to 30 November 2008 - European pilot edition of the Waste Reduction Week

Press kit in English and in French

Identiplast 2009 - CALL FOR PAPER open until 31 October 2008

Organized by PlasticsEurope in partnership with ACR+, ACC, PMWI, EPIC, EuPC, EuPR, EPRO and the European Commission, the seventh edition of IdentiPlast will gather leading international experts to cover a wide range of topics related to the sorting, identification, recovery and recycling of end-of-life plastics.
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FOCUS ON EU WASTE LEGISLATION - Agreement reached on a new Waste Framework Directive

Although the gap between the opinions of the Council and the European Parliament’s Environment Committee regarding the revision of the Waste Framework Directive almost seemed impossible to reconcile, on 17 June 2008 the European Parliament finally gave its green light to a second-reading agreement with the Council. The European institutions found a compromise, including on the most pending topic of the debate: the inclusion of targets.

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PRESS RELEASE - MEPs should stand firm on waste recycling and prevention targets:
ACR+ studies confirm that proposed targets are achievable, or even underestimated

Recent studies from ACR+ confirm the achievability of the recycling and prevention targets for municipal waste proposed by the Environmental Committee of the European Parliament in April 2008, in the framework of the review of the Waste Framework Directive

PRESS RELEASE - Revision of WEEE Directive - WEEE-PIN submits its opinion

In the framework of the review of the WEEE directive (Directive 2002/96/EC), stakeholders have been invited by European authorities to comment on some proposed policy options concerning the targets and the scope of the directive, the producer responsibility provisions and the WEEE treatment requirements. The stakeholder consultation will be running until 5 June 2008.

In this context, the WEEE-Public Interest Network (WEEE-PIN) has just submitted its position and formulated a list of recommendations.

PRESS RELEASE - The Environment Committee of the European Parliament votes for waste prevention and recycling targets... What’s next?

The Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management (ACR+) welcomes favorably the positions voted by the Environment Committee of the European Parliament on 8 April 2008. The vote is in keeping with the position advocated by ACR+ in favour of waste prevention and recycling targets, which are vital to ensure the implementation of a multi-level waste management hierarchy.

However, this vote is not a final decision and one may fear that the requirements be weakened in the next steps of the procedure.

  • Read the full Press Release (17 April 2008) ENFR

Plastic Bags: ACR+ publishes 2008 Update of its report "Plastic Bags - Policies and Practices to reduce consumption"

The report, first issued in January 2006, looks at existing national initiatives around the world aimed at controlling the use of plastic bags. As such, it has proven to be a useful source of information for policymakers as well as other actors interested in practical and legal aspects of waste management.

London: Conference on Waste and Climate Change (31 Jan. & 1 Feb. 2008)

The conference explored the vital role that waste management has to play in climate change. High profile expert speakers from Europe and Canada led debate on energy recovery, waste prevention, recycling and organic waste.

Brussels: 2nd Conference on Better Regulation Waste

The conference in Brussels on 9th October 2007 analysed European waste regulation and how to improve it,focusing on areas such as reuse, recycling, organic waste and incineration.Liege: Conference on Producer Responsibility and the liberalisation of services. Click here for more info.

During the conference held in Liège, Belgium, on 10-11 October 2007, presentations were made examining producer responsibility for waste flows such as electric and electronic equipment, packaging and batteries. Representatives from LRAs and producers provided close analysis of case-studies from individual countries such as Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Bulgaria. Click here for more info.


A review of waste plastic bag management policies which considers the problems associated with the use of lightweight plastic bags. Read more...

  • European Campaign for Waste Reduction

- ACR+ Press release: read now !

  • ACR+ study on Prevention in Regional Waste Management Plans

The new proposal for a Waste Framework Directive introduces waste prevention programmes to be drawn up at the optimum geographical level. The ACR+ study is based on the analysis of waste planning documents from 7 regional authorities members of the ACR+. Read more...

  • Municipal waste management: an image from local and regional authorities in Europe - Available now !!!

In 2005, ACR+ re-launched a major survey among members to gauge their practices and performance in the field of waste management. Read more ...