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Madrid | How does municipal waste collection affect climate change?

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A systematic evaluation of the urban containerization system in the city of Madrid, member of ACR+, has been carried out by researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The study finds that the contribution of the containerization systems to the environmental impact caused by the municipal solid waste management is lower than the phase of transport or treatment. However, an inadequate container capacity, a bad distribution or an improper use at the urban level, can needlessly worsen environmental impact. In addition, the associated inefficiency also affects the transport stage through unnecessary routes, higher number of vehicles, lower average driving speeds, or increased number of stops, leading to higher emissions.

The procedure, which is applicable to other cities and areas, allowed researchers to assess the existing differences among the administrative units in which a territory is divided, to detect anomalies and suggest corrective measures to minimize the impact on environment when collecting urban waste.

Source: (in English) or (in Spanish).