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OVAM | Kringwinkel succeeds in the challenge: achieved 5kg goal of reused goods

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ACR+ Member OVAM challenged the second-hands sector to sell 5kg reused products per resident by the end of 2015. The first estimates of the numbers look promising: the 5kg goal of reused goods has been achieved! In 2015 the Kringwinkel accounted for 30 centres and more than 120 stores spread over Vlaanderen. These facilities took care of the collection, sorting and sales of reusable, second-hand goods. Due to this, products last longer, take longer to end up in landfills and valuable materials are recovered more often.

The results of the collection and sales are rising each year: a consequence of the professional approach of the centres and their umbrella organisations, Komosie, both concerning the registrations of goods and the store policy. But it is also the work of a motivated and competent team of contributors from all levels and a diverse background. The Kringwinkel is therefore committed to employing vulnerable groups in a sustainable way.

OVAM acknowledges and supports the Kringwinkel from the start and will continue to do so in the future. A new target has been set: 7kg reused products sold per resident by 2022.

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