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On 19 October 2017, ACR+ organised a webinar on the role of the governments in deploying Circular Economy. This webinar, organised in the framework of the Circular Europe Network, was designed to present the recently published report on “Roles of local and regional authorities towards the prosperity of local SMEs.

It discussed the main aspects of the study, namely focusing on behavioural changes for circularity, transitions of urban region into circular economy, social enterprises active in reuse, repair and recycling.

The webinar video has been made available for ACR+ members in the Members’ space. The presentations from this webinar are also available in this section.

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On 18 October 2017, IMPACTPapeRec project hosted a second Informative meeting. The main aim of the meeting was threefold:

The event was attended by European Commission representatives from DG Growth and DG Environment that showed high interest in the project and engaged in a fruitful discussion.

The informative meeting was followed by the European Paper Recycling Awards 2017. Organised by the European Paper Recycling Council award ceremony intends to reword the best, brightest and most innovative paper recycling projects from across the Europe. During the ceremony, ImpactPapeRec project was commended in the “Information and Education” category.


The European Week for Cities and Regions took place in Brussels between 9 and 13 October. ACR+ has been an active and visible participant delivering multiple presentations and contributions to the carried discussions.

First of all, ACR+ gave a keynote presentation on cities and regions driving circular economy through eco-innovation during a policy workshop on Circular Economy. The event was jointly organised by seven projects funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, among which three involve ACR+ – URBANREC, DECISIVE and URBANWASTE.The event further included presentations of each of the projects, with the objective to strengthen the future cooperation between the projects and to discuss the contributions to policy-making at different levels.

Furthermore, ACR+ also delivered a presentation on green public procurement (GPP) in the workshop on “Circular Cities: helping cities and regions to implement the circular economy”, moderated by Kestutis Sadauskas, Director of Circular Economy and Green Growth in DG Environment. The ACR+ intervention showcased GPP good practices from local authorities and presented the GUF tool of the LIFE FUTURE project.

Moreover, ACR+ moderated a roundtable discussion on circular economy and regulation, in the framework of a workshop “Circular Economy: stimulating and making way for circular business models”. This workshop was co-organised by ACR+ member Cleantech Region and the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region and gathered about 60 participants representing cities and regions from the organising territories and East Netherlands.

In addition, ACR+ was also present during “Circular Economy and the new entrepreneurial and social revolution”, a workshop organised by Lodzkie region. During this workshop, ACR+ member Maribor Wcycle Institute presented its approach based on gathering the five local utility companies to work together in a complementary way.

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DECISIVE has published the results of an extensive survey conducted during spring 2017 by DECISIVE partners in 6 countries, namely in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.
The survey consists of three parts:

  • the identification of factors important for biowaste collection;
  • the evaluation of the current biowaste collection in Europe;
  • the provision of a framework on biowaste collection chains for decentralised valorisations.

 The focus of the study was set on food waste from households and catering, since both waste types are underutilised, available in most locations, and suitable as feedstock for the decentralised micro-scale anaerobic digestion facilities, which are the anticipated valorisation unit within DECISIVE.

The survey represents an important step towards the development of the DECISIVE decision-support-tool which aims at supporting local stakeholders on the implementation of urban biowaste collection solutions connected with a decentralised micro-scale anaerobic digestion unit.

The outcomes of the survey can be downloaded here in form of an extensive report.

Source: www.decisive2020.eu


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 Between 18 and 26 November, take part in the biggest EU-wide campaign on waste reduction. The registrations for the European Week for Waste Reduction will last until 12 November.  

 Action Developers, ranging from public authorities, associations, NGOs, businesses, educational establishments or anybody interested in participating, are invited to organise an action focusing on the "3Rs": Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Actions can vary from conferences, contests, information booths or exhibitions, always with the same aim: raising awareness about waste reduction!
The EWWR 2017 edition focuses on Reuse and Repair with the slogan "Give it a new life". For some ideas of action, the EWWR developed several factsheets, notably on how to set up a “Give Box or how to organise a “Reuse Workshop”. Action Developers are encouraged to explore this topic further!

To register, visit this page www.ewwr.eu/register, and follow these 5 easy steps. Once registered, you will have access to all the EWWR Communication tools, which you can use to promote your initiative.

For further information, visit the EWWR website.