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The Circular Europe Network (CEN) is a specific initiative on circular economy launched by ACR+ in order to support local and regional authorities in being ambitious on circular economy and will therefore support and help them to adopt aspiring circular economy strategies.


ACR+ organised a Summer training course on circular economy on 3-5 July 2017 in Venice. This three-day training course gathered representatives of public authorities at national and local level, and representatives of the private sector and consultancies, providing them with an overview on the EU Circular Economy policies and practices as well as with a practical guide for their implementation at national, regional and local level. More details about the course and the speakers are available on the Circular Europe Network website.

General guidelines for circular economy planning for local and regional authorities published in May 2015 are now also available on the CEN website in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan, in order to be closer to local technicians and decision makers.



The Circular Europe Network is a specific working group on circular economy planning which gathers ACR+ members committed to improve their resource strategies and strengthen the sustainable development of their territory.

The Circular Europe Network builds on the expertise of European front runners within the ACR+ network in order to gather, analyse and exchange information on efficient circular economy strategies implemented by cities and regions.

Based on ACR+ vision for circular economy, the Circular Europe Network aims to work on the priorities defined by its members, delivering methodological tools and access to good practices on those priorities.

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The Circular Europe Network offers access to factsheets focusing on the governance of local or regional circular economy strategies, as well as the different instruments and actions implemented on this territory.

In addition, the Circular Europe Network delivered guidelines on circular economy planning that aim to clarify the circular economy concept and to propose key steps and elements to include in a local or regional circular economy strategy.

This general guidance material is followed and progressively complemented by sectorial guidelines focusing on public procurement, sustainable food and sustainable construction.

Interested in joining the Circular Europe Network?  It is simple, become an ACR+ member and benefit from the CEN work and results!

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