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INTHERWASTE (Interregional Environmental Integration of Waste Management in European Heritage Cities), aims to foster the exchange of experience and polices for efficient and sustainable waste management in European Heritage Cities.

Project funded under the European Regional Development Fund.


The 3rd Thematic Seminar of the INTHERWASTE project took place on 15-16 November 2017 in Ibiza, Spain. It focused on integration of waste management solutions into the urban décor of heritage areas. Good practices and policies on this topic were presented and discussed during this event. More information is available on the INTHERWASTE website.

The next Thematic Seminar will take place on June in Cordoba, Spain, and will focus on “Waste Minimization in Heritage Areas”.



The INTHERWASTE project aims for European Heritage Cities to exchange experiences and policies for efficient and sustainable waste management in urban contexts in order to contribute, through mutual capacity building, policy learning and drafting of action plans - to the environmental performance management of waste in EU cities.

The project expects to:

  • To contribute – through mutual capacity-building, policy learning and the drafting of action plans – to the environmental performance of waste management in EU cities;
  • Improve the capacity of the staff of involved authorities to design and implement policies and measures in the waste field and governance in the same field.


The project concentrates upon waste management in Heritage Cities, as there are many of them in our continent, and because as they are complex contexts the policies and experiences considered feasible here would most probably be applicable elsewhere.

It is expected that solutions and policies proved feasible in INTHERWASTE will be transferable to most heritage but also non-heritage cities in EU and that solutions and policies proved feasible in Heritage Cities will probably be feasible in less demanding urban environments. In addition, the visibility of Heritage Cities worldwide could help duplicate the solutions and policies identified in the project in many other cities.



As the advisory partner ACR+ is in charge of providing expertise to the partnership in the different stages of the project, helping to consolidate the knowledgebase.

ACR+ also organized a Capacity Building event to train partner cities representatives in the use of different waste monitoring tools for their management at city level (Pre-waste, Miniwaste, R4R, the EWWR Food Calculator and others).

In addition, ACR+ is coordinating the communication activities of the project, ensuring the visibility of the project and programme and the dissemination of good practices and policies. This included the launch of the INTHERWASTE twitter account: @intherwaste; the maintenance of the INTHERWASTE website; the creation and maintenance of a newsletter as well as other communication and information.


The project coordinator is Sanitation Cordoba (SADECO) and involves four other municipalities:
•    Krakow
•    Porto
•    Syracuse
•    Tallinn

ACR+ is acting as the advisory partner on the project and will be providing expertise to the partnership, as well as coordinating the communication activities of the project.

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