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Public procurement is a major public policy instrument and a key instrument to enable the transition of Brussels economy towards a more circular model.

To better understand how to mobilize the potential of public procurement in Brussels, ACR+ member Brussels-Capital Region has commissioned a study on circular economy and public procurement.

The objectives of the study were:

  • to analyse public markets in Brussels;
  • to distinguish among these markets the areas that have circular economy potential and to elaborate on the incentives that Brussels has for these areas;
  • to outline recommendations for support measures for more circular public procurement by the Brussels public authorities.

With regard to the priority areas for circular public procurement, the analysis carried out confirmed the need to focus on the sectors identified in the Regional Program for Circular Economy, notably construction, resources and waste, logistics and trade/food. Additionally, the areas of high relevance are those of electrical and electronic equipment, furniture as well as medical equipment.

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