Áreas de trabajo

ACR+ works in 5 main areas:

arrow3 1. Awareness raising and communication

Ensuring a better integration of resource efficiency within national, regional and local strategies requires not only to change policies but also to change people’s behaviour. This is why raising awareness is an essential part of sustainable material resource strategies, with the inclusion of effective and comprehensive activities targeting also sustainable consumption.

ACR+, through its works linked to awareness-raising and communication provides its members with concrete experiences and examples of actions participating in a change of behaviour within societies through the promotion of the multi-R approach.

arrow3 2. Operational instruments and monitoring

The waste hierarchy highlights waste prevention, together with preparing for reuse and materials recycling, as the highest priorities when setting up a waste management strategy, before any other recovery and disposal alternatives. The European law and political orientations set obligations and guidance in order to reach a high level of performance regarding those first three steps of the waste hierarchy, with the aim of finding a concrete implementation at the national, regional and local level.

ACR+ works on several projects in order to measure waste prevention (potential targets, quantitative results, indicators, impact) and improve waste data on selective collection and recycling. It provides guidance and good practices on waste prevention and waste management to help its members improving their expertise regarding collection and treatment alternatives.

arrow3 4. Strategy and planning

Building on more than 20 years of experience, ACR+ has always been a ground-breaking network focusing on sustainable management of material resources.

ACR+ members have been at the forefront of the promotion and implementation of the highest levels of the waste hierarchy. They are innovative leaders when it comes to developing resource efficiency policies.

arrow3 5. Cooperation and capacity building

ACR+ is working to enhance capacities of public authorities with regard to waste management and sustainable lifestyles, understand the specific requirements due to geographical situation and socio-cultural backgrounds, build dynamic partnerships amongst its members.

The aim is to optimise transfer of knowledge and expertise to less experienced LRA, exchange information and expertise concerning solutions adapted to local technical, legal and financial contexts.

ACR+ works on cooperation and capacity building by expanding its network and welcoming more cities and regions from the South and East of the Mediterranean area through the implementation of specific projects.