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DECISIVE | Results of the survey on waste collection systems now available

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DECISIVE has published the results of an extensive survey conducted during spring 2017 by DECISIVE partners in 6 countries, namely in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.
The survey consists of three parts:

  • the identification of factors important for biowaste collection;
  • the evaluation of the current biowaste collection in Europe;
  • the provision of a framework on biowaste collection chains for decentralised valorisations.

 The focus of the study was set on food waste from households and catering, since both waste types are underutilised, available in most locations, and suitable as feedstock for the decentralised micro-scale anaerobic digestion facilities, which are the anticipated valorisation unit within DECISIVE.

The survey represents an important step towards the development of the DECISIVE decision-support-tool which aims at supporting local stakeholders on the implementation of urban biowaste collection solutions connected with a decentralised micro-scale anaerobic digestion unit.

The outcomes of the survey can be downloaded here in form of an extensive report.