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Factsheets, topics and cooperation: the Circular Europe Network increases its cruising speed


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As an ACR+ initiative supporting members in the development of circular economy strategies, the Circular Europe Network (CEN) gathered a wide range of cases on circular economy strategies and actions, as well as guidance material.
In one year and a half of activities 120 factsheets have been collected in the CEN database, including cases showcasing the activities of front-runners members of ACR+, like Contarina and Zero Waste Scotland. The latest factsheets published in the CEN database highlight successful initiatives implemented for instance in the fields of territorial symbiosis, food systems, public procurement or eco-design.
Moreover, the General guidelines for circular economy planning for local and regional authorities published in May 2015 are now also available on the CEN website in Italian, Portuguese and Catalan, in order to be closer to local technicians and decision makers. Spanish and French versions should come soon.

The Circular Europe Network will continue to work on thematic guidance material and factsheets on sustainable food systems and circular public procurement in the coming months.

In order to increase the links between material resource strategies and climate and energy strategies, ACR+ recently joined the Climate Chance initiative, piloted by its member Nantes Métropole, and is more specifically co-leading a multistakeholder coalition on circular economy.

Within this coalition, ACR+ cooperates in particular with CEMR and the objective is to implement actions boosting circular economy during the next three years; these actions will be discussed during the Climate Chance summit on 26 September 2016.