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URBAN-WASTE | Tourism and waste management – Give your insights, fill in the surveys!


How do tourism-related activities influence waste generation and management? A research activity is currently being conducted by the URBAN-WASTE project to reply to this question, analysing in particular 11 pilot cases around Europe.  To do so, the project will on one side perform a metabolic analysis, quantifying the flow of materials that are entering and leaving a pilot area, and on the other side it will get insights from all stakeholders involved in the field of research.

Surveys have thus been developed to collect data from professionals working in the tourism sector, waste management sector and tourists. If you would like to give your input to the URBAN-WASTE research, you are kindly invited to reply to these surveys. They are anonymous and will not take longer than 10 minutes. Final results will be available for consultation online after December 2016.

The URBAN-WASTE project aims at developing eco-innovative waste prevention and management plans in tourist cities. The project is foreseen to collect and analyse the most innovative existing technologies and practices in the field of waste management and prevention in order to create tailored plans to be implemented in 11 pilot cities and regions. ACR+ and several of its members are involved in this project, namely cities of Nicosia and Lisbon, as well as ORDIF and Ambiente Italia.