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Now that the Organisers of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) have been appointed, Project Developers can propose the actions they want to put forward during the 20-28th November 2010 to the appointed Organisers in their area.

After the call for interest launched in March 2010, 29 Organisers in 15 countries have been appointed at national, regional or local level with the view to coordinate the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) between 20th and 28th November 2010. It represents a 50% increase comparing to the 2009 edition!

A complete list of Organisers is available on the EWWR website.

Now that the EWWR Organisers have been appointed, Project Developers (administrations, NGOs, business, schools and others) can propose the actions they want to put forward during the Week to the appointed Organisers in their area. The initiatives covered by the EWWR are raising awareness of waste prevention for the public - whether small or large, for corporate staff, for consumers, etc.

These actions can take different forms, such as courses or seminars that focus on waste prevention, composting initiatives in buildings and schools, information booths at the entrance of supermarkets, etc. The EWWR website contains many ideas that can be completed, a great source for inspiration.

To have an action validated, it must meet certain criteria, including cover one or more of the following issues on waste prevention: too much waste, better production, better consumption, a longer life for products, less waste thrown away (please note, recycling is not considered a valid action for waste prevention). Project Developers will also have various undertakings, such respecting the law and the freedom to take actions and will be required to sign a participation charter on these matters.

Project leaders are able to propose one or more actions to the Organiser responsible for their area, or if they do not have an Organiser in their geographic area, they may contact the EWWR Secretariat directly by completing the online registration form.

Project Developers can register their actions to their Organiser until the 5 November 2010, but there is no need to wait!

More information on the EWWR website: www.ewwr.eu

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