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LIPOR | Publication of the annual report of prevention activities 2016

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ACR+ member LIPOR has published the English version of its annual report on waste prevention projects and initiatives developed in 2016. Considering the importance of prevention in waste management, LIPOR took action on three fundamental issues:

  • Changing processes to eliminate waste at the production stage;
  • Reducing waste at source, enhanced by a change of mentality;
  • Reusing products in order to increase savings.

Results and projects presented are gathered under four categories:

  • biowaste;
  • Repair and re-use;
  • Comprehensive measures;
  • Communication.

In the conclusion of this report, it is highlighted that in general and in the period under review, the Waste Prevention Activities Plan has been executed with 90% of the predefined targets achieved.

The report is available in English and in Portuguese. In addition, a report on the prevention activities for the first semester 2017 is also available in Portuguese.