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Brussels Environment | The Brussels Capital Region gathers the pioneer cities of the circular economy

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In March 2016, Brussels has launched its regional programme for a circular economy. On 12 September 2017, eighteen months after this launch, Brussels presented its first results and hosted Amsterdam, Glasgow, Lille, London and Paris to put them in perspective at the BeCircular Annual Meeting 2017. Themes with which these European cities reinvent their economy to meet economic, social, demographic, health, climate and environment challenges ranged from governance and financing to construction and logistics.

The ACR+ member Brussels-Capital Region that is committed to the circular economy aims to ensure the success of the transition from linear to circular economy model, by gathering efforts with other cities and regions of Europe, and working together towards the emergence of new ideas and collaboration.

To fulfil this goal, representatives from other European cities (Amsterdam, Paris, Glasgow, London and Lille) that are already involved in the circular economy have participated in the event in order to present their practices that could then be compared with the actions taken by Brussels and other cities to transform their economies into circular systems.

In the framework of this event, ACR+ has co-animated the workshop on collaborations between cities and regions around the circular economy. This workshop aimed to connect stakeholders from European cities and regions in order to identify possible ways of collaboration.