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Paris | City offers 500 worm composters to the Parisians

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In the framework of the European Waste Reduction Week that will take place from 18 to 25 November 2017, ACR+ member the City of Paris, will distribute 500 worm composters to interested Parisians. 

This campaign is in line with the City of Paris' commitment to increase urban composting. Initiated in 2015, it started with presenting collective composts at the base of residential buildings. In 2015 the programme expanded with installations of neighbourhood composters. The latest decision to distribute free individual composters is thus a third stage in the urban composting campaign.

The Paris Compost Plan 2016-2020, adopted by the Paris Council in January 2017, is an opportunity to affirm the ambition of the City of Paris to encourage the composting in the capital. It is designed in line with the “zero waste” strategy aiming at reducing food waste and valorizing it though composting. 

Currently, the typical Parisian household garbage bin contains 22% of wet organic waste, which is landfilled or incinerated rather than recovered. As such, by distributing free composters, City of Paris intends to reduce this figure and achieve better results in organic waste valorization.

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