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Brussels Environment | Good Food: a new project to fight food waste

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As part of the Good Food strategy and upon the initiative of the Minister of the Environment, Céline Fremault, ACR+ member Brussels Environment launched a call for projects to support initiatives in the field of sustainable food and more specifically the fight against food waste. In Brussels, 15 kilograms of food is wasted per person yearly. As such, and in line with the European Union’s commitments in this area, the Brussels Region has set a target to reduce food waste by 30 % until 2020.

In the framework of the project, innovative and tailor-made solutions were developed for each sector encouraging, among others, farmers supporting gleaning on their fields, donate unsold goods as aid, organise awareness-raising workshops for consumers, adopt portions at the customer’s requests at the restaurants, install public fridges, etc.

Three areas of actions are identified as priorities:

  • Projects enabling concrete behavioural changes amongst households, children and young people;
  • Actions designed to reduce waste at source at shops, restaurants and hospitals;
  • Reduction of food losses/unsold food/food surpluses.

The aim is to support both small (up to 2,000 euros) and large (maximum of 30,000 euros) projects.

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