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 Ambiente Italia

The WASTE-LESS IN CHIANTI project (LIFE09 ENV/IT/000068) was launched in response to the growing issue of waste production in the EU. As one of the project partners, ACR+ member Ambiente Italia helped implement this project which has now been recognised as one of the best Life Environment projects of 2014. 

The project focused on the Province of Florence, particularly the Chianti region, and how waste productions rates could be reduced. The province was aptly chosen, as it had one of the highest per capita waste production rates in Europe – a total of 669 kg per year in 2007 (The EU-27 national average was 546 kg per year). The project objective was to implement a pilot strategy for waste prevention and sustainable waste management in this local community, which was realised through the implementation of ‘The Chianti plan’ that encouraged waste prevention through collection schemes, accounting systems, collection fees and regulatory frameworks. It also promoted the use and marketing of recycled materials.

To access the best LIFE environment projects 2014 brochure: http://life.aeidl.eu

For more information on the project: www.wasteless-in-chianti.it

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