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Barcelona | Cleaning up 158 public squares and markets


Ayuntamiento de Barcelona small


The city council of Barcelona has taken to the task of cleaning up 158 public squares and markets within Barcelona in preparation of summer and keeping in mind the increase in outdoor visitors due to the good weather. The objective is to maintain hygiene in popular public spaces during the summer season. This included the removing of gum, repainting of certain locations, cleaning graffiti and more extensive cleaning. The cleaning will occur in 39 municipal markets and 158 of the most popular public spaces, within the 10 districts of Barcelona. The project started in May 2016 and will continue until October 2016. This project is part of an activity which occurs every summer within Barcelona, during the time the public spaces are used more. The total public for this cleaning period will be 6.3 million euros with 194 employees. Additionally, a similar cleaning operation takes place on the beaches between the month of June and September, including waste collection and cleaning of the sand.

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