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 ACR+ member, WRAP, released in September 2016 a report on “Development and optimisation of a recycling process for PET pots, tubs and trays”. The objective of the work was to design and deliver a series of trials to investigate and assess the key processing stages for clear PET PTT recycling.

Following on from previous work conducted by WRAP, the focus of the trials was on improving the yield of the process and Minimising the production of fines material (<2 mm). The aim was to further develop and optimise the PET PTT recycling process, including sorting, granulation, washing and extrusion. A financial assessment of clear PET PTT recycling was also undertaken to determine the commercial viability of the process.

The results and observations of the processing trials were used to develop an overall recycling process for post-consumer PET PTT. A key conclusion from the trials is that the indeed material to a PET PTT recycling process needs to be improved, with changes being made to the primary sorting at a MRF.

More information: www.wrap.org.uk

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