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Over 4.4 million tonnes of construction waste was produced in Scotland by nearly 50,000 construction enterprises in 2014, making the construction sector the country’s single largest waste producer.

ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland offers free waste prevention support to Construction businesses in Scotland through the Resource Efficient Scotland’s advice and support programme.

The programme aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) identify opportunities to reduce waste and save money through on-site support. Support will be available for all phases of the construction process. To begin with, a series of free workshops will be held across February and March 2017 in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness. Additional resources, including model procurement wording and a site waste management plan template, will also be made available online.

Funds of up to £100,000 have also been made available to support the physical implementation of waste prevention measures in the construction and commercial and industrial sectors. This funding can be used for purposes including purchasing bins, balers and shredders, improved signage, staff training or monitoring equipment.

Source: http://resource.co

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