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Paris | 120,000 citizens invited to sort their food waste

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From now on 120,000 Parisians throwing away carrot peelings, eggshells or tea bags will no longer be required to put them in the green bin, but in the new brown bin. Committed to a zero-waste strategy, the City of Paris takes an additional step in selective sorting by experimenting with the collection of food waste in the 2nd and 12th arrondissements (Paris is divided into 20 municipal arrondissements).

On 03 May 2017, about a hundred agents started a door to door distribution of a sorting kit containing biodegradable 7-liter individual bucket and a guide. Their tour begins with the Vallée de Fécamp and Maréchaux districts in the 12th and Vivienne-Gaillon in the 2nd arrondissements. At the same time, 3,200 bins with brown lids will appear in garbage areas. In addition, the first collections (to be effected twice a month) started on 04 May 2017 with reinforced watertight buckets.

If everything goes well, the entire capital will collect biowaste before 2020, like San Francisco or Milan.

More information: (in French)