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In collaboration with the Catalan Waste agency, ENT has recently released the English version of a new guide practical on the implementation of pay-as-you-throw schemes.

The use of tax instruments in the area of waste management is an increasingly popular option to create incentives that help to achieve better prevention and selective waste collection results, ensure appropriate allocation of waste management charges, and guarantee that tax collection is effective.

At local level, the main economic instrument that is available are waste charges. In the past, waste charges in Catalonia were conceived without incentives in mind. However, in other countries, pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) systems are commonly used. Such systems enable the real production of waste in each home or business to be calculated, and the tax is determined by the amount and type of waste that is thrown away. Thus, pay-as-you-throw systems promote waste prevention and recycling and enable the “polluter pays” principle to be applied.

In line with PROGREMIC (The Catalan Municipal Waste Management Programme), this guide has been drawn up to provide local authorities with more information about these systems and to describe the basic steps needed for their implementation at municipal level.
It explains the main principles of PAYT schemes' operation, the steps required to implement them and the impact that they are expected to have on waste streams and on the operation of collection services. The guide also describes cases in which PAYT schemes have been deployed in Catalonia, the rest of Spain and other European countries.

Download the document:

Guide for the Implementation of Pay-As-You-Throw Systems for Municipal Waste

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