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The EPR Club was created as an ACR+ initiative supported financially and technically by ACR+ members. Today the EPR Club has an open membership gathering a wide range of stakeholders, including public authorities, producer organisations, industry federations, waste management companies, NGOs.

The EPR Club is a multi-stakeholder platform for exchange of knowledge and dissemination of good EPR practices amongst key European stakeholders and experts, including the European institutions. The aim is to foster dialogue on policy developments and technical implementation of EPR schemes in order to bring forward European legislation and policy on EPR.

The EPR Club was launched in June 2012, with the support of the European Commission.


  • Lunch debate: Cost coverage of litter | 15 May 2018, Brussels

This lunch debate, hosted by ACR+ and its member LIPOR, discussed how litter costs are covered, with a focus on EPR contributions. Representatives of municipalities, waste management companies and NGOs got actively involved in the debate, stressing the importance of multistakeholder cooperation.

  • Lunch debate: Online retailers and free-riders | June 2018, Brussels

This lunch debate drew attention to the challenge that EPR system are facing in addressing free-riding in the online sales sector. The event was hosted by EPR Club members EucoLight, EXPRA and WEEE Forum and involved the European Commission and Member States authorities, as well as a major online retailer in the discussion of the current situation, possible solutions and next steps for relevant EU stakeholders.


Interested in joining the EPR Club?  It is simple, become an ACR+ member or an EPR Club member!

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