Turkey Composts!


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Turkey Composts! aimed at increasing composting practices in the municipalities of Turkey, supporting local governments in Turkey to implement the Regulation on Waste Management and in bio-waste management, increasing awareness of compost in the general public in Turkey and finally increasing cooperation between the local governments and CSOs working on waste and composting in Turkey and EU.

Project co-funded by the European Commission, 2016 - 2017


On 12 January 2017, the final conference of the TurkeyComposts! project was held in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference gathered expert speakers from Europe and Turkey to present best practices in bio-waste management and composting strategies. This conference was the final activity of the TurkeyComposts! project.

The final conference focused on presenting the status quo of composting practices in Turkey and in Europe and addressed municipality representatives, NGOs and academia. Participants learnt about the composting process and the use of compost as a fertilizer and received an update regarding existing facilities in Turkey as well as the main challenges and opportunities related to the application of composting in Turkish municipalities.

You can now download the TurkeyComposts! handbook for municipalities here.


The main objectives of TurkeyComposts! were to contribute to establishing links and cooperation between civil society in Turkey and the EU Member States in the area of environment, climate change and waste and to contribute to environment protection and climate change mitigation in Turkey.



ACR+ researched and collected good composting practices in the European Union and organised three fields visits to some of these best practices. The study visits each focused on one specific topic that has been identified as a key issue in the needs analysis conducted by Bugday:

  • rural/agricultural areas;
  • touristic areas;
  • urban areas.

Furthermore, ACR+ analysed composting practices and prepared a handbook for local governments on composting which included best practices, how-to information and further resources.
ACR+ also provided support to the dissemination and promotion activities conducted as well as to the organisation of the final conference, held in Turkey in January 2017.



Turkey Composts! project was coordinated by BUGDAY (Bugday Association for Supporting Ecological Living), and carried on in partnership with ACR+.