European Observatory on municipal waste performances project


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The European Observatory on municipal waste performances is an ACR+ project launched in 2010 focusing on the analysis of selective collection performances across different regional/local authorities in Europe.

Waste management monitoring at local and regional level is a key issue especially when considering the current recycling targets (50% by 2020) set by the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC, and the review of the said targets.


The project aims at creating a more transparent and effective collection of waste and recycling data via a pioneer group of regional and local authorities of comparable categories (typology of cities/regions) and simple shared objectives of quantitative benchmarking.

The ACR+ Observatory’s objective is sharing experiences and demonstrating best practices amongst different cities and regions to help them to:

•    achieve higher selective collection and recycling rates;
•    improve communication with citizens and stakeholders;
•    reduce the negative environmental and financial impacts.



ACR+ developed a Waste Data Matrix, completed by approximately 17 members of the Observatory with their data for 2009. This first set of calculation with a harmonized methodology led to interesting comparisons and conclusions summarized in the Observatory Report published in early 2013 (available for ACR+ members only).

The work of the European Ovservatory on municipal waste focues on specific thematics (e.g. bio-waste collection) and instruments (e.g. PAYT). In 2016 ACR+ published two reports on these issues:

ACR+ organises Observatory meetings on a regular basis in order to assess progress, share expertise and define new working areas:

  • 2nd Workshop Circular Europe Network - The Observatory's indicators on municipal waste as a support for the Circular Europe Network. (Budapest, 28 May 2015)
  • 6th Technical Group Meeting (Sofia, 22 October 2014)
  • 5th Technical Group Meeting (Graz, 13 May 2014)
  • 4th Observatory working group (Tallinn, 2 December 2013)
  • 3rd Observatory working group (Odense, 14 May 2013)
  • 2nd Observatory working group (Brussels, 17-18 April 2012)
  • 1st Observatory working group (Brussels, 1st February 2011)
  • Launch event (Paris, 16-17 September 2010)
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  • Area Metropolitana de Barcelona
  • Catalan Waste Agency
  • Consorci per a la Gestió de Residus del Vallès Occidental
  • Brussels Environment
  • Milton Keynes City Council (UK)
  • Municipality of Aalborg
  • Municipality of Limerick
  • Municipality of Oeiras
  • Municipality of Pamplona (ES)
  • Regional Counil of Gipuzkoa

Interested in joining the European Observatory on municipal waste?  It is simple, become an ACR+ member and join the Observatory!