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arrow3 2017 - Comparison of municipal waste management in EU cities

arrow3 2017 - Roles of local and regional authorities towards the prosperity of local SMEs

arrow3 2016 - Cross-analysis of “Pay-As-You-Throw” schemes in selected EU municipalities

arrow3 2016 - Biowaste Selective Collection Schemes

arrow3 2015 - Circular Europe Network General Guidelines on Circular Economy Strategies by Local and Regional Authorities

arrow3 2015 - The Potential Contribution of Waste Management to a Low Carbon Economy

arrow3 2014 - The EU Capital Cities waste management benchmark 

arrow3 2014 - Municipal Waste Performance Contracts

arrow3 2014 - Management options for 6 composting strategies Report 

arrow3 2013 - The review of the European Union’s key waste targets: ACR+ Position

arrow3 2013 - Green Paper on a European Strategy on Plastic Waste in the Environment: ACR+ Position 

arrow3 2013 - Plastic Bags: Inventory of Political Instruments, ACR+ & ACR+MED Report

arrow3 2013 - Municipal waste data comparison - ACR+ Observatory of Municipal Recycling Performances Report