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Registrations for the EPR Club international conference entitled “EPR as an instrument to tackle microplastic pollution?” are open. This two-part online conference will provide an opportunity for interactive discussion on the rising problem of microplastics. The first part, on 27 January, will be aimed towards problem setting – understanding of microplastics and potential measures to address it. You can now register for it here.

View the draft agenda.

More details on www.eprclub.eu

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ETRA, project leader of LIFE REthink-WASTE has launched the pilot activity of the project in the municipality of Bassano del Grappa (Italy). The aim is to experiment an innovative system of communication and interaction with users to inform them in real time about their behaviour related to waste disposal. Families living in the pilot area have received information on the experiment and have been invited to register via their phone. To thank the "pioneers" who want to be part of the experimentation, a prize has been provided for those who register within the indicated deadlines and maintain an active presence until the end of the experimentation.
Source: www.etraspa.it (in Italian)



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After being postponed due to the sanitary situation, the INTHERWASTE’s final event will take place online on 4 February 2021 to present the lessons learnt throughout the project. Join the project partners from 09:00 to 13:00 CET on that day to hear a review of the Action Plans produced and their results. The event also will include a round table featuring the INTHERWASTE partner cities: Tallinn (Estonia), Krakow (Poland), Porto (Portugal), Ibiza and Cordoba (Spain).
ACR+ will enrich the meeting with reflections on waste management in heritage cities thanks to experiences from other European projects.
Registrations will soon open.


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The COLLECTORS project recently published practical guidelines for local waste collection systems to better assess their situation and improve their performances. These guidelines have now been updated to include a new part on the impact and measures taken to face the COVID-19 pandemic. It is based on the ACR+ survey and complementary researches to identify good practices that can contribute to keep a proper waste collection service and not disrupt separate collection.
The project, now finished, also updated its policy recommendations to include a part on handling waste collection in time of pandemics The policy recommendations are summarised in an infographic presented here.
Source: www.collectors2020.eu




The launch event of the Cir©Lean Network, entitled “Industrial Symbiosis as a profitable opportunity for EU businesses to become climate neutral”, will take place online on 23 February 2021 at 9:00 - 13:00 CET. It will highlight the objectives of the Cir©Lean Network on Industrial Symbiosis and its potential and will include a roundtable on the importance of industrial symbiosis for the EU Green Deal. Testimonials from different categories of stakeholders represented in the Cir©Lean Network (among them ACR+ members Orée and SRWMO) will witness about the main reasons behind their choice to join the Cir©Lean Network.



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