To reply to the needs of its members requesting additional information and tailored-made support to address a challenging waste fraction, to prepare a project or increase their staff's skills on circular economy, ACR+ has introduced the Supportive Member package. Thanks to this package, ACR+ Supportive Members can receive more specific services to satisfy their needs while boosting their visibility within and outside the network.

Supportive members, what is it?

In May 2017, ACR+ General Assembly adopted the Board of Directors’ proposal giving members the possibility to receive extra dedicated services upon payment of an increased contribution to the network. Through this, they are taking an active role in the development of ACR+ and thus become Supportive Members.

For 2019, the Supportive Member contribution amounts to 10,000€ (yearly membership fees included).

During one calendar year, Supportive Members not only continue to benefit from ACR+ services (weekly Newsline, webinars, increased visibility, participation in projects, etc.) but also receive additional support from ACR+ Secretariat to co-elaborate targeted solutions replying to their needs.

What will I get if I become a Supportive member?

Concretely, each Supportive Member receives 2 tokens that can be exchanged against one or two exclusive services. ACR+ secretariat will then discuss with you to define the exact content of the activity(ies) and a timeline enabling the full commitment of the involved ACR+ staff. Like that, the Supportive Member package will perfectly answer to your need while making sure that you are closely involved in its implementation.

You can select one or two activities from the following list (the number of tokens required for each activity is indicated between brackets):

  • 6 day-support package to drafting and preparing EU-funded proposals (1 token)
  • 6 day-support package to review technical publication related to topics linked to ACR+ projects (1 token)
  • 6 day-support package to identify synergies on territorial value-chains with other territories, based on the SCREEN project methodology (1 token - conditioned to the selection of this activity by at least 3 ACR+ members)
  • 5-page briefing paper on specific topic related to circular economy/waste management (1 token)
  • Preparation and implementation of an on-site training session on circular public procurement, in English or French (2 tokens - excluding room rental, catering and possible external experts expenses)
  • Preparation and implementation of an on-site training session on bridging strategies for transition to a circular economy, in English or French (2 tokens - excluding room rental, catering and possible external experts expenses)
  • Organisation of a series of 3 webinars for your own ecosystem by using the webinar tool of ACR+ secretariat and its network to attract relevant speakers (2 tokens)
  • 20-page study in English or French on a specific topic related to circular economy, such as the Cross-analysis of "Pay-As-You-Throw" schemes in selected EU municipalities (2 tokens)
  • Support to the preparation of public tender to launch a study of urban metabolism or a co-construction process to create or improve your strategy in circular economy, including a review of European literature specific subject of your tender, if any (2 tokens)
  • Support to the preparation of public procurement in a coordinated way with other ACR+ members and other public authorities (2 tokens)

In addition, you will have the possibility to benefit from increased visibility, since 2 new factsheets on your actions will be published by the Circular Europe Network (on the basis of available information).

Show your interest!

If you are interested in becoming an ACR+ Supportive Member or if you would like to receive more information on the Supportive Member package we invite you to fill in this online form and/or contact us.

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