The URBAN-WASTE project has just released one of its key outcomes: the WasteApp. This mobile application enables tourists in 11 pilot cities and regions to separate their waste correctly and contribute to overall efforts of these 11 pilots in waste prevention and management.

The WasteApp is a mobile phone application designed to promote users’ good behaviour regarding waste, to have a positive impact on waste management and follow cities’ litter policies. It has been created mainly for tourists, but can be used also by residents. The app is individually adapted to each of the 11 pilot cities and regions, and their characteristics. As of 1 December 2017 it can be used in Tenerife, Ponta Delgada, Florence, Nicosia, Kavala, Santander, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Nice, Syracuse and Dubrovnik.

It is based on gamification strategy’suse to encourage good practices, which differ from one pilot city to the other. The app includes evaluation as regards to correct use of bins, promotion of their use on social media, and assignment of points according to good behaviour. It also provides incentives as when performing good practices, it attributes points, that once accumulated can be exchanged in gifts or services provided by cities or participating entities. Furthermore, the app contains position of disposal facilities (such as bins, baskets), and eco-tips – advices for being a responsible and environmentally-friendly tourist. It also offers useful links (waste collection times, general rules) and how to report detected problems to the city, as well as cities’ strategies and policies and possibility of exchange information and feedbacks.

The WasteApp is available on both Google Play and App Store.

 More information: www.urban-waste.eu


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