For the 3rd time, the 5 pilot cities gathered for another session of exchange of good practices; this time on integration of waste management solutions into the urban décor of heritage areas in Ibiza between 15-16 November 2017.

The seminar was attended by external speakers and guests from other cities, namely Tallinn, Krakow, Cordoba, Ibiza and Porto, that had the opportunity to hear about solutionsandpracticesfrom the Danish island of Bornholm, the Spanish city of Palma de Mallorca and the Belgian city of Gent. This melange of experiences, practices and solutions gave the seminar the richness and presented multitude of potential solutions when it comes to integrating waste management in already demanding set of criteria set for the heritage areas.

The two day seminar consisted of an extensive study tour during the first day and the seminar itself on the second day. The seminar presented solutions covering a wide range of potentials and answers to given challenges as the participants, media and guests could learn more about visual and systematic approaches to the issue of integrating waste management solution into the urban decor. While some practices were based on limiting the visual effect bins and containers have on their surroundings, including hygiene, minimising the open space needed for a certain type of a container or simply disguising such containers, some practices and presentations had a more holistic approach as they were focusing more on the importance of having appropriate waste management as an added value to tourism.

The next thematic seminar will be organised in June 2018 in Cordoba. Following that the project will move to its second phase – implementation of best practices in pilot cities.


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