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On 1 December 2017 the COLLECTORS project officially startedThe project aims at identifying and highlighting existing good practices on the collection and sorting of packaging and paper waste, WEEE and construction and demolition waste. Indeed, despite the availability of documented good practices, results of existing studies have not been effective enough in supporting the implementation of better-performing systems and many territories are still lagging behind when it comes to achieving current recycling targets.

To address this issue, the COLLECTORS project aims to increase awareness of the collection potential by compiling information on successful waste management systems either reaching high performances or effectively tackling strong local constraints such as high population density, remoteness, or limited resources to invest in an ambitious waste strategy. To help decision-making on waste collection, the project will highlight 12 good practices, with the aim of gaining insight into the overall performance of systems by detailing their results on the quality of sorted materials, the positive economic and environmental outcomes of shifting to better-performing for the territory and the social acceptance.

To ease the transfer of good practices and make the results of the project beneficial to the relevant stakeholders, a participative approach will be developed toward citizen, public authorities and any other relevant actor of the recycling value-chain.

The project is coordinated by PNO Consultants and brings together consultancies, research institutes and various networks. ACR+ will be in charge of the external stakeholders’ involvement by enabling a dialog with the project’s target audience (public authorities, citizens, etc.) and the consortium. In particular, ACR+ will set a Regional Working Group composed of European cities and regions willing to participate in the project and benefit from its findings.

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