On 28 and 29 March, ACR+ participated in the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy UAPCE) meeting held in Oslo, Norway. This seminar presented the progress of the 12 actions launched by the UAPCE to address circular economy in cities.
ACR+ member The Hague is leading two of these actions. One is about circular collaborative economy initiatives with an impact on cities urban impact) and supporting the circular economy. Within this action, an ESPON study was sub-contracted to external experts consortium, benefiting to and involving five cities (including ACR+ members The Hague and Maribor), as well as OVAM and ACR+ itself.
A second action led by The Hague aims to develop a Roadmap on urban resource management. The action in particular identified 15 potential cases, among which are the following ACR+ members: The Hague, Brussels, Maribor, and Paris.
A third action involving ACR+ discussed during the meeting was related to Circular Economy indicators, such as process indicators (linked to activities or programmes implemented in cities); outcome indicators (actions that have an impact on material flows that you can measure); and context indicators (help to put into perspective).

This action is also linked to the ESPON CIRCTER project, in which ACR+ is also involved, that provided a conceptual framework of indicators focusing in particular on material resources, but also on governance aspects.

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