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Hosted in Brussels on 2-3 April 2019, the event marked the beginning of an important year for DECISIVE, one in which the two project demonstration sites in Lyon and Barcelona will be launched. For that matter, the ceremony debuted with presentations by ACR+ member ARC (the Catalan Waste Agency) about the latest development of the Barcelona site and of Refarmers, which is charged with building the Lyon site.

Subsequently, ACR+ member Fundacio ENT explored the possibility of expanding the Decision Support Tool (DST) that has been developed within DECISIVE to other cities. Suez, another ACR+ member, discussed ways to make the DECISIVE solutions more marketable and to ensure that they address the needs of potential customers. 

ACR+, for its part, made sure the participants witnessed some of Brussels’ best practices in decentralised bio-waste management. Together with its member Worms asbl, a local NGO working with community composting practices, ACR+ took the consortium on a guided tour to meet the local community active at these composts. The project partners will meet again later this year in Lyon to mark the launch of the demonstration site.

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