2019 was a very special and eventful year for ACR+, as it marked our 25th anniversary. As you know, we celebrated it by launching the More circularity, less carbon campaign. But that’s not it… Many activities were carried out, events organised, and new projects started. We invite you to read our Activity Report 2019 to get an overview of what we have been doing during this busy 2019.

And now that a new year started, what should you expect? No worries, it is all in the Work Programme 2020 now available online. One of the big milestones of the year, and friendly reunion, is the annual ACR+ General Assembly which will take place on 9-10 June 2020 in Edinburgh. You can already save the date! This year, we will also be focusing on three actions:

  • Turning ACR+ Virtual Library into a privileged place to access key reports;
  • Working specifically on textiles and circular procurement;
  • Following the new European circular economy action plan and the European Green Deal.

Read the ACR+ Activity Report 2019 and the Work Programme 2020 online.

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