A brand new, engaging five-week online course is starting today, organised by the UN System Staff College. It will focus on harnessing circular economy principles and systems-based approaches to explore ways in which we can redesign our systems, products and services to allow us to achieve a sustainable living for all, within planetary limits.
ACR+ Secretary General Françoise Bonnet will be one of the guest speakers of the session 5 on enablers to mainstreaming circularity. This session will present different regional perspectives, with the intervention of the African Circular Economy Network, UNEP Asia, and ACR+ for Europe. As an enabling platform for circular cities, Françoise Bonnet’s presentation will address the key barriers to circular city advancement in the region and how ACR+ is helping address these.
If you missed the deadline to attend this course you can already register for its 2nd edition which will take place from 02 November to 04 December 2020.
More: https://unssc.org





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